Miss Intercontinental Uzbekistan 2021 Mohigul Arslonova


Name: Mohigul Arslonova
Country: Uzbekistan
Age: 23
Measurements: 89 63 93
Height: 1,68 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Student
Hobbies: Travel and Read
Life-Motto: “Don’t compare yourself to others because we all shine differently.”
Special Talent: I am multilingual in Uzbek,Tadjik,Russian,English. Legal researcher and problem-solver. I manage to get out of the most difficult situations.
Languages: Uzbek,Tadjik,Russian,English
Smoking: No

My name is Mohigul Arslanova, and I represent my beautiful country Uzbekistan in the International beauty pageant, Miss Intercontinental. I am 23 years old. I moved to America four years ago, and I created a better version of myself in this country. I live and study in New York. I am a student of The City University of New York, and my major in International Criminal Justice. My hobby is I enjoy working out and dancing. I love animals and always feed stray cats while coming back home. It’s really important for me to do everything that makes my parents happy and proud. After graduation, I want to work for the US Immigration Service in Washington DC to help refugees and families who are unable to reunite with their parents or children due to the lengthy documentation process. Meanwhile,I am very happy that I was chosen to represent my country as Miss Intercontinental Uzbekistan.

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