Project Description

The talented canadian Kaitlyn Li is the first Miss Power of Beauty. 2021 the MIO launched the title “POWER OF BEAUTY” Award and what it makes it so excited, the one elected as winner will receive a direct spot into the Final together with the continental title award winners.
What makes you becoming the “POWER OF BEAUTY” Award title holder? Beeing multicultiral, migration backround, speaking at least 2 languages fluent and you have an own business already or a “Start up” company. You are not older than 27 years and no younger than 18. You have never before entered any other international contest and the Miss Intercontinental is your first international pageant you enter. The decision is made by our Host (1 person of the executive level) and by MIO (1 person of the executive level) as well by the reigning Miss Intercontinental.

Miss Intercontinental Canada 2021 – Kaitlyn Li


Name: Kaitlyn Li
Country: Canada
Age: 26
Measurements: 88/67/96
Height: 1,67 m
Eye Color: Dark brown
Profession / Job: Business owner
Hobbies: Dance, philanthropist
Life-Motto: Live everyday like it’s your last
Special Talent: Dance
Languages: English, Chinese
Smoking: No

Kaitlyn Li was raised in Toronto Canada, and what differentiates her from most women is that she is one of a set of fraternal female triplets. Being born with her sisters, Kaitlyn understood teamwork and selflessness at a young age thus making her the giving person she is today. Being exposed to so much women empowerment with a large family and 3 sisters and a very powerful mother. This inspired young Kaitlyn along with her sisters to start their own non-profit called Canada Youth Funding Association in hopes of giving back, empowering other young women and youths the same way. Kaitlyn has spent her life building and creating, from her non-profit to her own start up ventures, you can say this is just the beginning of the masterpiece she is about to build. As well, being Open to new experiences is a haracteristic everyone should have and work on and that’s what got Kaitlyn here at Miss Intercontinental! Kaitlyn received as the first contestant ever the title MISS POWER OF BEAUTY and placed 4th runner up in the Miss Intercontinental 2021. Kaitlyn will be invited to crown the next Miss Power of Beauty in the 50th anniversary of Miss Intercontinental

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