Miss Intercontinental Turkey 2021 – Tuba Sahinova


Name: Tuba Sahinova
Country: Turkey
Age: 30
Measurements: 89 62 88
Height: 1,65 m
Eye Color: Light Green
Profession / Job: Lawyer
Hobbies: Painting, tableau- ice skating, activities for Charity
Life-Motto: Beauty is complete with inner balance-kindness-grace and a hand for Charity
Special Talent: I am a hobby puppeteer and change my voice into four different Children voices
Languages: Turkish, German, English, French
Smoking: No

My name is tuba sahinova, I was born on December 9th, 1987 and my zodiac sign is Sagittarius. I have the qualities of a Sagittarius, because I, too, am determined and dreamy. I finished my Abitur in 2009 and started studying law. I graduated from Phillips University with an undergraduate degree in law with a major in criminology. Phillips University is also known as the Fairy Tale University as the famous Brothers Grimm once studied there. Since, in addition to the realistic life, I also like to dream about wide fairy tales, my university could not have been better selected. After graduation, I worked as a legal advisor, including in prison. In 2016 I started a second degree in business law. At the moment I am happy to take on social responsibility such as protecting our earth through sustainable use of resources. I am also a big animal lover and try to help them as much as I can.

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