The beautiful Emmy Carrero is the first Miss Power of Beauty from Venezuela. The title was launched in 2021 as a special award and what made it so excited, the one elected as winner received a direct spot into the Final together with the continental title award winners.
The 27-year old stunning Emmy is a business woman and a a talented writer for children stories. She loves Tango and Fitness and speaks several languages apart of spanish she is fluent in english and also speaks georgian and a little russian. What else was significent to make her becoming the “POWER OF BEAUTY” Award title holder? Beeing multilingual she has an own business and was not not older than 27 years. Also, it was her first international contest and the Miss Intercontinental was the first international pageant she entered.

As the new Miss “POWER OF BEAUTY” she becomes now a goodwill ambassador for the Miss Intercontinental Organization. She will sensitize members of the public on issues that are detrimental to society such as fight against drugs abuse, poverty eradication, gender equality, health, nutrition and environmental conservation.

Emmy is a charismatic woman, perserving and hard working. She loves to help others and this was the reason she founded in 2018 the TSHV – a non-profit foundation with the purpose of helping children and low-income girls. The Miss Intercontinental is glad to have her as the second “Miss Power of Beauty” and as the first Venezuelan achieved this title.

Miss Intercontinental Venezuela 2022 – Emmy Carrero



Name: Emmy Marianne Carrero Mora
Country: Venezuela
Age: 27
Measurements: 88/62/90
Height: 1,74 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Social Communication
Hobbies: Tango Dancing, Gym, Write childrens stories
Life-Motto: It is always better to do something than to do nothing but with love.
Special Talent: Tango Dancing
Languages: Spanish, English, Georgian, a bit Russian
Smoking: No

I am a resilient woman, charismatic, persevering and hard-working. I like to feel close to people and to be able to help others is That is why T.S.H.V was born in 2018, a foundation -non-profit- with the purpose of being able to help children and low-income girls. Miss Intercontinental is a dream come true reality; I am sure we can continue working together and thus build new goals that can be executed in the future.