Miss Bao Ngoc launches environmental inspiration project “Earth Day everyday by Bao Ngoc”

As the Global Ambassador of Earth Day Vietnam 2023, Miss Bao Ngoc and Van Lang Bookstore have just launched the project “EARTH DAY EVERYDAY BY BAO NGOC” – A series of inspirational exchanges about the sense of “Investment” for the Planet”

With her speaking experience, in the first part, Miss Bao Ngoc organized a talkshow to provide alarming information on environmental issues. However, measures to change green living habits are also inspired by Miss Hau to young people. The chapter is a combination of propaganda of both “thinking” and “action”. With the project’s first theme: “Green Trade for Start”, the program has placed “Green Station” on the school campus. With the spirit of “old people are new to us”, Earth Day Everyday by Bao Ngoc encourages students to bring unused costumes, books, backpacks, etc. to exchange. This is considered a meaningful activity to make the most of the use value of the items around us so as not to harm the living environment.