FAQ about Miss Intercontinental

When was Miss Intercontinental founded?2018-08-18T18:56:24+02:00

In 1971 the first Miss Intercontinental pageant took place on the island Aruba, at this time only Teens were allowed to compete.

What exactly is the Miss Intercontinental Organization looking for in a contestant?2018-08-18T19:14:19+02:00

Each contestant has to be confident. She must be able to show authenticity and express herself and articulate her ambitions as a titleholder. The pageant showcase and evaluate the contestant aspirations.

What are the judging criterias for the Miss Intercontinental pageant?2018-08-18T18:57:29+02:00

Delegates will be judged in following categories: evening gown, swimsuit, and also in a personality interview.

How many contestants compete in Miss Intercontinental?2018-08-18T18:59:13+02:00

Currently Miss Intercontinental is accepting up to 80 countries for the Final

How do I get to the national Miss Intercontinental pageant?2018-08-18T19:03:58+02:00

To compete in Miss Intercontinental, delegates must win their national pageants. Each national winner goes then to represent her country at the Miss Intercontinental pageant.

How can I enter the Miss Intercontinental pageant?2018-08-18T19:08:58+02:00

National contestants must apply to enter the Miss Intercontinental pageant by applying through the National Director in your country. Please ask us for the contact and we provide the contact to you.

How are the pageant sites chosen2018-02-01T12:35:49+01:00

The Miss Intercontinental Organization works throughout the year with different state and city government officials or private companies and organizations as well as with foreign governments to establish the perfect Host Site for the pageant. Security and Infrastructure and the city which can offer the best support for the Miss Intercontinental pageant will be chosen.

Can I be married ?2018-02-01T12:32:21+01:00

No, delegates are not allowed to be married, divorced, neither to be pregnant. Also they must not have ever been married, nor given birth to a child. The titleholders are not allowed to get married throughout their year of reign.

Are there age requirements?2022-07-18T13:52:29+02:00

Yes. Miss Intercontinental has an age limit. Delegates must be at least 18 but under 28 years of age before the date of the Miss Intercontinental pageant.

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