Miss Intercontinental Sweden 2022 – Ria Raj



Name: Ria Raj
Country: Sweden
Age: 23
Height: 1,68 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Robotics Engineer in Artificial Intelligence
Hobbies: Writing, music and keeping myself active
Life-Motto: Never give up on that, that gives you meaning, purpose and love.
Special Talent: Writing
Languages: Swedish, English, Hindi, Spanish
Smoking: No

Hello, My name is Ria. I am from the country with breathtaking nature, pop music and coffee-culture. I am proud to represent the most beautiful country of our continents – Sweden! Professionally I am a Robotics Engineer in Artificial intelligence. Personally I love to write, and my love for lyrics expands even to the musical realm. I love music that touches my soul – an interest that has led me to learn beautiful instruments like piano and violin. Since my childhood, I have been swimming and training judo. I also really enjoy walking in the nature and hiking. This interest led me to climb the highest mountain of Sweden – Kebenekaise – a 2 100 meters long hike. This experience taught me a really important lesson. That the one thing you need to win over is your mind, because your body can handle much more than you can ever imagine. I have always believed in growth and involving myself into different activities that give me new experiences and new perspectives of life. Traveling has been one of those activities that has allowed me to unfold new adventures, but during the pandemic, I was required to be creative. Hence I went ’back to basics’. I spent three days in the woods with no shelter, no food and no access to water with the soul purpose of learning how to survive. It was a very unique experience! Now I am truly excited and looking forward to embark this journey of power, beauty and discovery as Miss Intercontinental Sweden 2022!

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