Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2022 – Anna-Marie Suzanne Quint Ondaatje


Name: Anna-Marie Suzanne Quint Ondaatje
Country: Sri Lanka
Age: 22
Measurements: 83/66/91
Height: 1,73 m
Eye Color: Dark brown
Profession / Job: Joint Managing Director A Quint Ondaatje Holdings/Professional Athlete-Rhythmic Gymnastics
Hobbies: Dance, modelling, baking, spending time with family, hiking, listening to music
Life-Motto: We are all Equal and here for a Purpose/ Life is a Creation and a Creative process is endless
Special Talent: Rhythmic Gymnastics!
Languages: English
Smoking: No

My name is Anna-Marie Suzanne Quint Ondaatje. I would like to introduce myself as a Senior International Level Rhythmic Gymnast, Entrepreneur and Goodwill Ambassador for the A Quint Ondaatje Foundation Sri Lanka, Director for AQO Sports & Entertainment, as well as AnnaQuintO. “Anna-Marie Ondaatje is only 19, but her athletic  legacy is already secure: as the first Rhythmic gymnast to represent Sri Lanka on the international stage, Ondaatje is already both pioneer and ambassador for her sport.” (Quoted from Official FIG Website https://www.gymnastics.sport/site/) I was born on September 1, 2000 and hold dual citizenship for Sri Lanka and Canada. My parents were born in Sri Lanka and still hold Sri Lankan nationality.

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