Miss Intercontinental Puerto Rico 2022 – Mariela Pepin


Name: Mariela Pepin
Country: Puerto Rico
Measurements: 81/62/90
Height: 1,65 m
Eye Color: Hazel
Profession / Job: Digital Marketing Director and Social Media Influencer
Hobbies: Cooking, fitness, traveling, volunteering
Life-Motto: Life has no limits except those you create.
Special Talent: Dancing, Public Speaking, Painting
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Smoking: No

Mariela “Mari” Pepin grew up traveling the world due to her family’s military career. Exposure to many countries and cultures ignited in Mariela a passion for embracing differences and learning new languages. She furthered this passion through her studies; learning French and ASL, mastering public speaking and completing her tertiary education in Communications. Mariela recently began learning German so she can communicate with people when she visits her mother, who currently resides in Germany.

Since graduating from Towson University, Mariela has continued her studies in pursuit of a Master’s Degree, launched various humanitarian initiatives and founded her own digital marketing business. She strives to serve as an example that women have the power to do anything they dream.

From childhood, Mariela’s parents instilled in her the importance of using her voice and the power of making a difference. As the eldest of five siblings, Mariela has always been a natural leader with the ability to communicate effectively and adapt to all kinds of situations. She is very proud to utilize the power of her voice to create change and lead by example.

Mariela believes it her duty and her purpose to continue uplifitng others, influencing change and sharing a message of positivity.

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