Miss Intercontinental Poland 2018-Angelika Duszczyk

Angelika “Angel” Duszczyk, our Polish Angel is currently working as an air-hostess, sending postcards to her friends from all over the world. She is grateful to LOT company for such an interesting working place, practicing constantly English language and people skills. Angelika is enjoying her profession a lot, but dreaming to exchange the hat with the captain of the aircraft one day and become a Ms.Captain.

Our beauty is Nutritionist by profession. She can create a suitable program for your needs, taking your habits into consideration. In her spare time she is organising Healthy Food parties and preparing delicious avocado salad by herself.

Angelika likes to keep herself busy with boxing, being a gym-freak , and calming her mind with drawing. Her hidden talent is dancing, awaking her cat moves in a second.
The optimistic mind-set mixed with cheerful attitude, allows her to achieve her goals. Not afraid of hard work, constantly into the search of getting herself better.
Horrors, spiders and ghost are not her best friends, so don’t buy any presents related with those things for Anglika’s birthday
Motto: “Always be yourself no matter what others may think because what they think don’t matter”


Name: Angelika Duszczyk
Country: Poland
Age: 25
Measurements: 88-63-90
Height: 1,73 m
Eye Color: Green
Profession / Job: Flight attendant, Dietitian, Model
Hobbies: Dancing, Boxing, Drawin, Traveling, Cycling, Snorking
Life-Motto:“Always be yourself no matter what others may think because what they think don’t matter”
Special Talent: Dance
Languages: English, Polish, French
Smoking: No

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