Miss Intercontinental Monaco 2018-Veronika Verrier

My name is Veronika Verrier and I am representing the Principality of Monaco at Miss Intercontinental 2019.
I have a Masterʼs Degree in European Languages and Literatures and now I continue my Postgraduate studies in Interpreting and Diplomacy.
I have always wanted to contribute somehow to global peace and security, and working as an interpreter allows me, not only to indulge my love on language, but also contribute to a higher cause.

I trained at a classical ballet school from an early age and then continued my trainings in rhythmic gymnastics. In the case of ballet and rhythmic gymnastics, the saying “beauty hurts” could never be truer. You learn there’s beauty that comes with hard work, and you become the art you create. This translates into
other areas of your life. I still welcome hard work into my life, and I do it with a smile on my face.

It is said that girls with dreams become women with vision. I dream of a world where women and girls have the resources and opportunities they need to
reach their full potential, live free from violence and discrimination Beauty pageants can be a powerful tool to empower women and girls and I belive that Miss Intercontinental is a perfect platform to develop friendly relations among nations ,to achieve international cooperation and to promote peace and justice.

We should never doubt that we are powerful and valuable and deserving of every opportunity in the world.


Name: Veronika Verrier
Country: Monaco
Age: 25
Measurements: 88- 59- 89
Height: 1,72 m
Eye Color: Green
Profession / Job: Diplomatic
Hobbies: modern art, surfing, learning new languages, traveling
Life-Motto: “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success”
Special Talent: ballet dancing
Languages: English, Danish
Smoking: No

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