Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2022 – Melissa Tjemma Janneke Bottema


Name: Melissa Tjemma Janneke Bottema
Country: Netherlands
Age: 22
Measurements: 89/65/88
Height: 1,76 m
Eye Color: Green/Brown
Profession / Job: Student Social Work HBO / Gymnastics Coach
Hobbies: Gymnastics, singing, windsurfing
Life-Motto: “I am still me no matter my mental health.”
Special Talent: Gymnastics
Languages: English and Dutch
Smoking: No

Since 2020 I focus on normalizing talking about mental health issues. When I was younger I had a severe depression, but I never dared to talk about it. I was afraid that people would see me as less worthy or weak if I expressed my emotions. I give people advice on social media for over more then 2 years now. I talk about how you can be there for someone with mental health issues, how to start a conversation about this sensitive subject and motivate people to keep going. Because it does get better! This is also the reason my life motto is “I am still me, no matter my mental health”. And it’s true, having mental health issues doesn’t make you weak or less worthy, it makes you human. Beside that, there is one more thing that makes my heart beat faster. I have had a big passion for gymnastics from an early age. I always did gymnastics at a high level and for a few years now I have been coaching young women and children in this beautiful sport. Gymnastics has taught me dicipline, elegance and to always work hard for the things you want in life.

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