Miss Intercontinental Montenegro 2022 – Viktorija Stojiljkovic


Name: Viktorija Stojiljkovic
Country: Montenegro
Age: 18
Measurements: 92/62/96
Height: 1,77 m
Eye Color: Green-Brown
Profession / Job: Student, Model
Hobbies: Chess, Marathon, volunteer, Athletic Sports
Life-Motto: Vene, Vidi, Vici
Special Talent: Persistent, Humanitarian, philanthropy
Languages: English, Serbian, Montenegrin
Smoking: No

My name is Viktorija Stojiljkovic, I am 18 years old, I come from Montenegro and I have always believed that dreams do come true. I am studying German at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis. I am a young girl with big goals and big dreams! From a young age, I was told that I was made for the public stage. My passion is sports and modeling. The range of my activities and interests is wide. I was declared the athlete of the generation at school. The sport I am actively involved in is athletics, specifically 100m and high jump. Recreationally, I play volleyball, basketball, soccer, handball, swim and ski. Let me mention that I won 1st place at the national chess competition, which means that I am always one step ahead of the competition. My hobby is modeling (hopefully soon as a profession) and photography. I am a model at fashion weeks and various other fashion events… I have been a member of the organization “Young Ambassadors” for four years. I am a volunteer in the organization “stop violence against animals”, “let’s protect our environment”. I am ambitious, energetic, persistent, humane …A day of 24 hours is short for me, because I like socializing and going out, and I have many obligations. My name means victory, so nothing less should be expected from me. I will make my dream come true because you gave me the opportunity to I participate in this competition and show the best version of myself. I will prove that we women are more than a pretty face, that we should strengthen ourselves as self-confident women with innovative ideas and love for social work. I am very proud to participate in this event, because it is an excellent example of how the combination of various cultures, religions, interests comes together in a common goal… that we are all first and foremost good people .

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