Miss Intercontinental Japan 2022 – Sarah Kawamura


Name: Sarah Kawamura
Country: Japan
Age: 23
Measurements: 77/60/86
Height: 1,68 m
Eye Color: Dark brown
Profession / Job: Office worker at a trading company
Hobbies: Nail art, Driving in the beautify sea, Cooking, traveling, Eating
Life-Motto: Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. -COCO CHANEL
Special Talent: Ballet, Having a happy aura
Languages: Japanese, a little English
Smoking: No

I am fond of jumping into a new world and expanding my world. I feel happiest when my perspectives are changing due to the new environment which I could not imagine. I have an amazing passion and energy to move to expand my world. In such moment I can vividly feel being alive. That is why for example I love diving in the sea, especially the sea in Okinawa which is the beautiful tropical island located in the southern part of Japan. When we are surrounded by such a fantastic atrantic world which is completely different from the ground, colorful corals and fish show us different expressions every time. They always impress me and I never get bored.     In Japan, we can live with a beauty that is both graceful and strong.I am proud of having grown up in such environments. Japan has four distinctive seasons and each one has its own charm.  There are countless attractions of gorgeous nature such as cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji, delicious and healthy foods, and dynamic fireworks coloring the dark night with bright lightenings. The fact that all things can exist and have its own meaning is a miracle. Japanese people have a mind that gods exist in all thing and this mindset has nurtured my heart that can be moved by and grateful for everything. I started practicing ballet at the age of 4.  Through dancing ballet, I came to have the foundation of who I am today. I always tried to impress the audience by convey the messages and power to them through my own dancing. Sometimes I felt so touched to see people be moved to tears.  From such experience, I learned how special and significant it is to inspire others.   I am very honored to participate in this prestigious pageant in the 50th anniversary year. It is quit sure that in Egypt, I will be moved and inspired at any moment.  Needless to say, it will be another precious first step for me towards the new world.    I sinrecely hope that in the future we will live in the world where more and more women are actively working at the forefront, staying the way they are without being stressed by any oppressions. I wish to be a woman who can please, inspire, and stimulate people with my own presence, and also try to act to be a gudiline for their lives which contribute to expanding the possibilities of women in the world. See you in Egypt Shukran!

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