Miss Intercontinental Japan 2023 —
Chika Mizuno


Name: Chika Mizuno
Country: Japan
Age: 26
Measurements: B85/W60/H90
Height: 177
Eye Color: brown
Profession / Job: Model, Instructor of dance
Hobbies: Dance, Travel, Art, Jogging, Boxercise, Yoga
Life-Motto: Fortune comes in by a merry gate:)
Special Talent: Dance, DIY, Be positive thinking
Languages: Japanes, English
Smoking: No

I was born and raised in Japan as a biracial woman with Japanese and Nigerian roots.I have taken up the challenge of modeling, dancing and entering into beauty pageants to represent people like me and make them the chance to advance in society. I believe that engaging in these activities is my mission to realize diversity of beauty.I majored in art education, and it was through art, modeling and dance that I discovered the joy of expressing myself, the importance of always being myself and the value of having a strong passion for my own goals. Through all that I do, I hope to be an inspiration for the next generation.Through Miss Intercontinental 2023, I would like to express the diversity of beauty and creat opportunities for the next generation to succeed.

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