Miss Intercontinental Jamaica 2023 —
Titania Mycko



Name: Titania Mycko
Country: Jamaica
Age: 21
Measurements: 76/58/83
Height: 165
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Profession / Job: Medical Student and Model
Hobbies: Swimming, badminton, theatre arts, traveling, volunteering
Life-Motto: The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in your determination.
Special Talent: Public speaking
Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic (a bit)
Smoking: No

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in your determination.” I am determined to create an impact and uplift those I meet along the way. Born in the historic parish called St.Catherine, I am a medical student, youth advocate and model. Knowing one’s self is the key to success. I can say that knowing who Titania Mycko is, is my biggest achievement; an adventure enthusiast and serial book junkie. Being Miss intercontinental Jamaica has allowed me the opportunity to not just represent my country, but to bring a taste of MY home to Egypt therefore I aim to showcase the sheer resilience of the Jamaican people and by extension, myself. See you soon, in Sharm El Sheikh…!!!

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