Miss Intercontinental Japan 2021 Eri Fujita


Name: Eri Fujita
Country: Japan
Age: 26
Measurements: 85 65 95
Height: 1,70 m
Eye Color: Black
Profession / Job:Sales associate/Barista
Hobbies: Cafe-hopping,reading,take a walk in the morning
Life-Motto:“We create the life we want.”
Special Talent: Hula dance,Latte art
Languages: Japanese,English
Smoking: No

I’m ERI FUJITA. From Tokyo,Japan. I’ve been learning hula dancing since I was in junior high school. I always cherish “ALOHA” Hawaiian people are required to act on the basis of “ALOHA Spirit.” “ALOHA Spirit” means to organize your own mind and spirit and treat others with consideration. The word for that spirit is ALOHA, and each of these five alphabets has a meaning. A: AKAHAI “Consideration” L: LOKAHI “Cooperation” O: ‘OLU’OLU “Joy” H: HA’HA’A’A “Humility” A: AHONUI “Patience” This “ALOHA sprit” is indispensable to me. Miss Intercontinental is the greatest challenge of my life. I’m so excited for new world.

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