Miss Intercontinental Germany 2021 – Luisa Rüger


Name: Luisa Rüger
Country: Germany
Age: 18
Measurements: 85 60 92
Height: 1,75 m
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Profession / Job: Model
Hobbies: Traveling, Sport (Gym, Swimming, Volleyball), Styling (fashion, hair styles, make up), Art (painting, drawing, photography), Acting
Life-Motto:Be like a Phoenix. Just like it is reborn, rises from ashes and turns into a more beautiful bird. You can rise from you insecurities and difficulties, to a stronger, prettier and more confident version of yourself.
Special Talent: Modeling
Languages: English, German
Smoking: No

Hello everyone, my name is Luisa Rüger, I am 18 years old and I am going to represent my lovely country Germany at Miss Intercontinental. Modeling has always been my passion, therefore I took part in a casting 3 years ago and kept modeling ever since. I already have a lot of experiences at photo shoots, I took part in a couple of pageants and also in many international runway shows. Following your dreams and being given a chance no matter who you are is very important to me, that is why I want to be a role model for children, teenagers and also adults that they can become who they want, if they work hard and believe in themselves just as I am. In addition, I am very proud to say that I already inspired a couple of young girls to start modeling and to help a friend of mine volunteeringly with her model school, in which she teaches people to be, not just better models, but also strong and confident people. Next to modeling I finished high school this year and depending on what live is giving me in the future, I will probably start studying criminology next year. Therefore, I will start with studying psychology, so I will be able to understand and help the people. My hobbies are sport, especially going to the gym, swimming and playing volleyball, meeting up with my friends or family, baking, movies, painting, drawing and photography and everything that has to do with styling such as fashion, hair styles and make up. Besides that I love to travel a lot, that is why I was at the Baltic Sea, in Greece, Dubai, Milano and now Egypt only in the last three months no matter whether it was for friends, fun or work. As a pageant queen i want to represent the equality of all the people no matter their gender, look, religion, culture, sexuality or anything else and I also want to support dreams, healthcare and freedom.

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