Miss Intercontinental Estonia 2021 – Adriana Mass



Name: Adriana Mass
Country: Estonia
Age: 20
Measurements: 86/57/89
Height: 1,73 m
Eye Color: Blue
Profession / Job: Student
Hobbies: Music, Animals, Art
Life-Motto: It only takes one person to make a difference
Special Talent: Violin
Languages: Estonian, English
Smoking: No

From a young age I developed a passion for music and different arts. Violin has been a part of me for a decade. On this musical road my life led me to the most prestigious music school in Estonia, where I could truly discover my talent. I have had an opportunity to perform in one of the world’s best orchestras, The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and I have been blessed to work with top musicians around the world. But yet, after 13 years of musical studies I decided to turn a new page in my life, where I can be the one to guide and help young people. On this amazing rollercoaster full of passion, music and amazing talent I also saw how little support and care was given out to the adolescent who were living far their homes and families, trying to pursue their careers as professional musicians. Unfortunately, in today’s world we see more and more great need for “mental peace”. Therefore, I am determined to start my studies as a medical student and become a mental health professional to help young people balance and strengthen their mental health. Most importantly, I wish to give them support, so that nothing great in this life is left undone as a result of unfavorable people and environment. My love for animals and will to prove myself are definitely two thing I was born with. As the youngest in my family I often needed to convince my parents and relatives that I am at least as good as my brother and sister who oftentimes set the bar quite high for me. This taught me to always reach for bigger goals and understand that anything is possible if you are consistent and work hard for it. Hence, I am proud to be the one to represent my country in this prestigious pageant in Sharm El Sheikh, the city of peace.

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