Miss Intercontinental Bahamas 2022 – Marechan Burrows


Name: Marechan Burrows
Country: Bahamas
Age: 23
Measurements: 83/68/91
Height: 1,80 m
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Profession / Job: Foreign Service Officer/ Journalist
Hobbies: Meeting People, Screenwriting, Snorkeling
Life-Motto: Character is powerful.
Special Talent: Amateur Rapper
Languages: English, Beginning Mandarin
Smoking: No

As an island girl at heart, Marechan values the simplicity of life. Growing up in The Bahamas has enabled her to develop a strong sense of cultural identity, confidence and patriotism. Love for her country led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Relations from Syracuse University, where she graduated cum laude in 2021. Now a Foreign Service Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she is equipped with skills in diplomatic relations in addition to the savvy communications skills of her degree to carry the title of a goodwill ambassador for the country through pageantry. As a self-proclaimed daredevil, she loves to explore the various thrills of life; this can include anything from trying some of the most exotic foods to swimming with ferorcious sharks (something she personally cannot wait to experience) and also writing and directing Public Service Announcements. Marechan is a certified youth leader, who is passionate about the eradication of childhood obesity across the globe. She works with organizations such as HaLt Bahamas and advocates for the promotion of proper health nutrition across the Country. She is very determined to ensure that every child in the public school system receives free healthy breakfast and lunch packages. She lives by the motto that “character is power”, which is why she encourages women, men, girls and boys alike to use their inner strength as a means of creating change – because the strength of a person is ultimately determined by their character.

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