Miss Bao Ngoc scores points when choosing exquisite costumes at the 10th Southern Folk Cake Festival!

Recently, the 10th Southern Folk Cake Festival – 2023 was held with the theme “Preserving and promoting the value of Southern folk cakes”. Accordingly, Ambassador Bao Ngoc appeared very splendidly worthy of Miss International. The 10th Southern Folk Cake Festival in 2023 is an annual festival of Can Tho City in order to preserve and promote the cultural and culinary values of Vietnam in general and Southern folk cakes in particular. The Queen of Can Tho said that she is very honored to be able to promote the beauty and typical cultural images of the Southwest region closer to the public. giving everyone many interesting experiences with more than 300 extremely diverse and rich cake stalls.

Not only did she attract fans thanks to the show’s humanistic values, but Miss Bao Ngoc also scored points thanks to the neatness in her dress that made netizens full of compliments. Earlier, at the press conference announcing the program and launching the ambassador, Bao Ngoc chose to wear a very dear and rustic Southern shirt.

However, when visiting and experiencing the stalls as well as folk games, Bao Ngoc continued to appear with the outstanding yellow “daughter of wine” standard of the Western homeland. However, when appearing at the recent Opening Ceremony, Miss Bao Ngoc put on a gorgeous blue evening gown. The elaborately attached design combined with the fluttering light fabric combined with the prestigious crown helped Bao Ngoc score absolute points with the fans. It can be seen that Miss Bao Ngoc is very delicate in choosing costumes and shining under certain circumstances.