Miss Intercontinental Sweden 2021 – Josefin Strand



Name: Josefin Strand
Country: Sweden
Age: 22
Measurements: 95 73 83
Height: 1,75 m
Eye Color: Blue
Profession / Job: Digital Artist & Model
Hobbies: Art, E-sport, Social Media, Music (singing, guitar)
Life-Motto:“Goals help focus you on areas in both your personal and professional life that are important and meaningful, rather than being guided by what other people want you to be, do, or accomplish.” -Catherine Pulsifer
Special Talent: Artistry
Languages: Swedish, English
Smoking: No

Dear all, I’m Josefin Strand, a 22-year-old model and digital artist that works with music production, graphic design, and game development. I balance my work through my art brand together with my personal brand. The art goes into different branches such as illustration, 3D art and graphic design and my personal brands into modeling, acting, social media and a healthy and active lifestyle. There is a clear shortage of women in the technical industries, and I am happy to contribute as a young and female creator and influencer. Success for me it’s about fulfilling my dreams by learning and growing, and making an impact for the better and leaving a trail of kindness behind you so that more people can have a leap of faith. I believe empowerment and beauty comes from within, so my mission is to be a contributor for a better world by kindness, integrity and to give hope to others. Participating in this extraordinary competition such as Miss Intercontinental whilst representing my country as well as femininity and beauty is a great honor, and a fantastic opportunity to be a contributor, to follow my dreams and connect with other inspiring women across the world. As women and pageant queens, we are role models, and let’s pray this event brings unity, peace and more beauty into our world. Love, Josefin

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