Miss Intercontinental Finland 2022 – Roosa Alexandra Kaarina Tuominen


Name: Roosa Alexandra Kaarina Tuominen
Country: Finland
Age: 21
Measurements: 87/68/95
Height: 1,70 m
Eye Color: Blue
Profession / Job: Student for Bachelor of Business Administration
Hobbies: gym, long walks and painting
Life-Motto: Everything happens for a reason
Special Talent: Talent of seeing the whole picture, atleticism, singing
Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish
Smoking: No

My name is Roosa Tuominen, i´m 21 years old and I´m from Finland! I am former professional footballer of twelve years. After I had no choice but to quit playing I remembered something that has been a calling to me since I was a little girl and now I get to set my mind into it! The whole pageant world was all new to me and I was eager to know more about it and look at me now; pursuing my dreams of pageants and international contests! This has been a journey, a journey of really finding myself and finding what I wanna do. And I´m so lucky, grateful and happy that I can call myself Miss Intercontinental Finaland 2022 and I´m so honoured to represent my beautiful country in Egypt! My motto actually comes from the football world: after my third knee surgery I did everyhting the best way possible to come back stronger, my knee didn´t feel the same way. So I really saw that everyhting happens for a reason and at least I have done my everyhting, now lets wait and see whats comes next! So as a former professional athlete I know what it takes to be a succesful and I´m more than ready to show it! I have participated one smaller competetion in Finland before Miss Intercontinental. Miss Tampere 2022 and I placed as a 1st. runner up! My top three values are equality, love and health. These values quide me trough my everyday life and choices that I make. I want to make a difference and make world a better place. I wanna take the oppurtunity to use these platforms really to raise my voice and use it to make good! I wanna be a good rolemodel, somebody that people can look up to and really show everyone that you can be whatever you want, a hard work pays off and you just need to believe in yourself!

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