Miss Intercontinental Ecuador 2021 Paola Zamora Macías


Name: Paola Zamora Macías
Country: Ecuador
Age: 25
Measurements: 92 66 87
Height: 1,70 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Tourism student
Hobbies: Dance, exercise, i love going to the beach
Life-Motto: “Sin sacrificio no hay victoria”
Special Talent: dance
Languages: Spanish, some english
Smoking: No

I consider myself a simple, authentic, persevering person capable of adapting to any field and facing challenges, who enjoys and values new experiences since they bring learning and I think that this is fundamental for a good life, appreciate and enjoy those moments that life offers because they are unique. I grew up in a family where values were instilled in me and one of them is very important to respect all living beings, which is why from a very young age I have felt great love and respect for animals and nature. I study the tourism career because I am passionate about knowing more about my country Ecuador known as the country of the four worlds for its diversity and multiculturalism, for me it is an honor to represent it in this great contest.

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