Miss Intercontinental Cuba 2021 Yeniffer Marín



Name: Yeniffer Marín
Country: Cuba
Age: 29
Measurements: 84 60 88
Height: 1,78 m
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Profession / Job: Profesional model and I own my own business
Hobbies: Dance , travel , learn , teach
Life-Motto: “When you know yourself and love what you do nothing can stop you”
Special Talent: Belly dancing
Languages: Spanish , English, a little Italian and Turkish
Smoking: No

I was born in Havana, Cuba, I grew up with a discipline in which learning does not occupy space, my grandfather was the one who saw potential in me, so I started as a model at 14 years old. Dance and model in Turkey at the age of 20, and I have been queen in my city on 3 occasions, in which I learned a lot and met thousands of people with whom I humbly identified, I also motivated and encouraged them to fight for their dreams. Today I am a professional model, I train hard because my body is my temple and I started a business in which teaching and supporting people in my community is my passion, I continue to learn and grow, today is a great opportunity to raise my voice for my country that is being repressed, and show the world that there is beauty with purpose and intelligence.

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