Miss Intercontinental Chile 2021 Daniela Paz Sepúlveda Villarroel


Name: Daniela Paz Sepúlveda Villarroel
Country: Chile
Age: 26
Measurements: 88 66 90
Height: 1,72 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Model and family business manager
Hobbies: Singing karaoke, dance zumba and write reflections
Life-Motto: “When I feel like I’m going to fall, God is always there to catch me”
Special Talent: Sing
Languages: Spanish, English and a little chinese
Smoking: No

Each one of us is extremely special, never limit yourself to be what others expect of you, your originality is what this world lacks.

Daniela is 26 years old. She is a model and business woman. She will represent Chile in Miss Intercontinental 2020.

Our chilean queen is studing general accounting, since she wishes in the future to lead her parents family business together with her sibblings.

She was born in Puerto Montt, also known as “the city of the eternal winter”. Her hobbies are going out with your family and Friends, running, sometimes writing reflections, singing karaoke, workout and to assist zumba classes.

Her preparation for Miss Intercontinental took 1 year.

She loves children and likes to help other people, which is why she has been a volunteer at the Vencedor foundation for more than a year, foundation that provides food to vulnerable people.

Our beauty ambassador believes that everyone deserves a chance and we can all help make life brighter, through love and kindness.

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