Miss Intercontinental Argentina 2022 – Daiana Stefani Paereyra



Name: Daiana Stefani Paereyra
Country: Argentina
Age: 24
Measurements: 85/58/90
Height: 1,72 m
Eye Color: Honey
Profession / Job:Model and Director of a Foundation helping people in a community
Hobbies: Art, Dancing Tango and solidarity work
Life-Motto: everything can be beautiful, even the most ugliest
Special Talent: Ballerina and Tango
Languages: English, Spanish
Smoking: No

Daiana was born in Misiones in the Iguazu Falls, one of the 8 wonders of the world. She is a professional model having 3 community aid organizations in which people are trained to be entrepreneurs of their own trades, such as weavers, seamstresses, kitchen teachers and in this way they can maintain their homes. This activity increased due to the economic fluctuations caused by the pandemic. Currently the organizations are mostly directed by women. That’s why Daiana, through her image and beauty, is inspiring other women and men to be their own boss and pay the expenses needed to support their families. Recently it was convened by other Foundations to make the same effort with retirees, since in most Latin countries older adults suffer abandonment with low wages and health problems because they feel useless and without activity that allows them a better old age and a better mental health.

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