Miss Intercontinental USA 2019-Monica Aguilar

Having been born in Cuba but being raised in the United States, I faced many difficulties trying to fit in with American born children. I have learned over the years that the United States is not a melting pot, it is a salad bowl of many diverse cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. I am proud to be a first generation Cuban American that will continue her family´s long history of doctors. I am currently in medical school pusuisng dermaology,. I strongly feel that education is the key for a brighter future. Currently in the United States, college drop out rates are far too high. I am passionate about helping the younger childeren understand the importance of education and how it will shape our world for generations to come.


Name: Monica Aguilar
Country: USA
Age: 20
Measurements: 90cm bust, 61cm waist, 90cm hip
Height: 165 cm
Eye Color: black
Profession / Job: medical student
Hobbies: playing piano, cooking, riding horses, planting herbs
Life-Motto: You only miss the shots you don,t take
Special Talent: playing piano
Languages: spanish, english, portuese, french
Smoking: No

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