Miss Intercontinental Finland 2023 —
Vera Eloranta


Name: Vera Eloranta
Country: Finland
Age: 20
Measurements: 81- 60-92
Height: 162 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Performer, Beauty Queen & Model
Hobbies: Reading, Traveling & Learning New Languages
Life-Motto: We are all on our own unique journey to our own unique destination, to become our fullest potential and our truest self. Always believe in your power and in your dreams, there is no one else like you.
Special Talent: Dancing, Singing, Acting & Directing
Languages: English & Finnish
Smoking: No

Hello everyone! My name is Vera Eloranta and I am Miss Intercontinental Finland 2023. I am a truly intercontinental woman with a rich cultural background that is a fusion of Finnish, Malaysian, Indian, and American heritage. As a third culture child whose childhood straddled three countries, on three different continents, I have seen and experienced the world from many different perspectives.

Having lived in many places amongst different people and cultures has inspired me to be more grounded and to discover and understand my roots. The more I have learned about my ancestors, the more I feel the weight of their stories. This is especially true of the line of women I come from. On my paternal side, they were survivors of war, simple farmers who were displaced and turned into refugees in their own country. My great grandmother had two hours to gather what she could with her young children and leave behind her home, her farm, her village, and everything she ever knew when they were forced to evacuate during the Winter War. She did not know if she would ever see her homestead again, or whether her husband who was at the frontlines was even alive. My maternal great-great-grandmother was married off at the age of eight and my great-grandmother was married off at sixteen. These matriarchs were child brides with no education opportunities and both were illiterate. Digging deeper into my family roots has had a profound effect on me. Knowing where I come from gives me a clear vision of where I want to go.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved, lived, and breathed performing. I was a little girl who danced, sang, and play-acted all day long. My passion for the performing arts flows through my veins and is a huge part of my identity. That identity, however, means that sometimes I’ve had to strive for the opportunity to perform and represent people who look like me. Although diversity has become more a visible point of discussion in recent years, there is still far to go, especially when it comes to available opportunities as there can be pressure to fit a certain mold in order to be accepted. This is something I am deeply passionate about. I hope to further pave the way for people from different cultures and backgrounds, making them feel represented and that they have an equal chance. I want to inspire and motivate especially young girls and boys who feel like they don’t belong or are different, to go after their dreams and be themselves no matter what anyone tells them.

I have always been ambitious, determined, and a dreamer. I enjoy challenging myself to be a better version of me, to achieve my fullest potential to not only fulfil my dreams, but to make a difference in the world around me by utilizing my gifts and talents for the greater good. I was taught that we should strive go as far as we possibly can and fly as high as our wings will carry us, as we owe it to all those who came before us who never had the opportunity. The privilege to represent my country at this prestigious pageant is one of the biggest honors I have received. It is one of my greatest dreams and I am ready for it. I hope to not only work hard and strive to successfully represent and honor all Finns, but to be a powerful voice, a light, a leader and an inspiration to all.

I know that my dreams and gifts have been planted in my heart for a purpose. My dream now is to excel in the Miss Intercontinental pageant. I am grateful to all my loved ones & supporters for their love and support. My heart is full. See you in Sharm El Sheikh’s beautiful Sunrise Resort!

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