Miss Intercontinental Romania 2023 —

Alexandra Ionela Dobrica



Name: Alexandra Dobrica
Country: Romania
Age: 20
Measurements: 88, 60, 93
Height: 1.73
Eye Color: brown
Profession / Job: Speaker/presenter in an advertising agency/Model/Student-mass media and advertising/Journalist
Hobbies: Dancing, modelling, extreme sports, swimming, volunteering
Life-Motto: Be humble because what God gives, he can also take.
Special Talent: Dancing
Languages: English, Romanian
Smoking: No

My name is Alexandra Dobrică and I’m 20 years old. I’m a scorpio and i can tell about myself that i’m very determinated and disciplined when it comes about what I want to achive.I’m an advertising student, but I work as a presenter for products or events in a marketing agency and recently I started my career in journalism. An interesting fact about me is that when i do something, i do it with a lot of passion and i can’t give up until i succed.My hobbies are modelling, dancing, volunteering and extreme sports.I worked with kids in projects and i really love to learn any kind of things or skills and teach other people about them.

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