Miss Intercontinental Panama 2018 – Arleen Lukowsky

“Life always puts you in the right places when it is time to be” I am a 23 year old Panamanian woman, fighter, disciplined and very passionate about each of the things I love. Throughout my life my greatest support has been my family, who have always been at all times, those who have taught me to be a free person, lover of life and people.
As a profession and vocation I am a Psychologist, I also dedicate myself to be volunteers in my country involved in the social area with children, which has made me grow as a human being in all areas of my life.
My passions are divided between the natural, reading and being able to learn as much as I can, act, model and love to run, as well as the exercises.
I always try to break the stereotypes and get out of my comfort zone.


Name: Arleen Paola Cobas Lukowsky
Country: Panama
Age: 23
Measurements: 90,59,90
Height: 1,73 m
Eye Color: Chocolate
Profession / Job: Psycologist
Hobbies: Act, Modeling, Cooking, running, swiming
Life-Motto: Everything in the end is for good
Special Talent: Acts
Languages: Spanish, English Basic
Smoking: No

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