Miss Intercontinental Nigeria 2018 – Opara Chinonso

I’m Opara Chinonso Popularly Known as “Kimoprah” I was born on the 15th of December, 1995 in Lagos State, Nigeria. My family is made up of a boy and two girls of which I am the last, I lost my father at the age of 8, which was a very disturbing period for me, I and my siblings were left to be catered for by my mum. My school life was not much of a challenge for me due to the fact that I am educationally stable, but I did have a few issues with payment of school fees which my schools (primary and secondary) helped out with by discounting fees for children with only one parent. I am a Graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, from the department of Psychology and Guidance Counselling. I love watching movies, making friends, shopping and amongst all I love to dance. My special abilities are being able to learn fast . I am a very determined person and that has helped me a whole lot. In the year 2010, I was the one time Queen of my secondary school pageant, Regina Pacis College, Abuja, Nigeria and in the year 2014, was onetime Queen of my department, “Miss Psychology in University of Port Harcourt”. I was onetime Miss Tourism Nigeria (15/16), I went further to be 2nd RunnerUp Miss University Africa (17/18), Now I am Cirrwntly Miss Intercontinental Nigeria. Growing up in light of an independent woman (my mum), my main target in life is to be an independent woman and also to be the best I can be in whatever I venture into. I want to be a supermodel someday, and a role model to girls who are continuously told NO or given limits due to their height or whatever challenges they may have. I want to be an influence to the modeling industry, by making a difference and letting people know that models are not way-ward but are entrepreneurs’ trying to find their fitting in the society by doing what they know how to do best, they are like the everyday business man and woman.



Name:  Opara Chinonso (Kimoprah)
Country: Nigeria
Age: 23
Measurements: 16, 34, 26, 38
Height: 1,73 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: On Air Personality
Hobbies: Traveling, Dancing, Research
Life-Motto: To always be the Best Version of Myself and to Never Give Up on My Dreams
Special Talent: Dancing
Languages: English
Smoking: No

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