Miss Intercontinental Mexico 2018 – Ivanna Lobato Barradas

My name is Ivanna Lobato, I’m 20 years old and born in Chiapas, representing México with pride.
I’m majoring in Communication and Digital Media and I balance school with work and perusing my dreams, working in the modelling industry, 3 years ago I was blessed with an opportunity to work on modelling as a full time job and to become who I really wanted to be, I have worked with many regional brands of my state and also part of the faces of Liverpool industries.
I also help with campaigns to make people conscience about what we’re dealing with, i have worked with The Cruz Roja and to rise awareness about breast cancer.
For me, animals are precious things that doesn’t deserve to be mistreated and I work with some non-profit organisations that help endangered species to live, I have worked with them for many years and my biggest concern is the extinction of The Vaquita something we’re trying to change.
I’m altruistic and with my family we give clothes, shoes and food to those who are in need, people that live on the streets and doesn’t have a home, we make blessing bags with things they can use or eat, we do this every year with the joy of seeing them smiling.
In no time I will be honoured with being able to participate in this big competition surrounded with lots of beautiful women and I will be able to understand and be part of Philippine traditions, God put me here for a reason, I’m always proud of representing my country, Viva México!


Name:  Ivanna Lobato
Country: Mexico
Age: 20
Measurements: 94,63,96
Height: 1,75 m
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Profession / Job: student, social work and model
Hobbies: Soport and public relations.
Life-Motto: It doesn’t matter where or how you were born, but what you achieve in your life
Special Talent: Dance and photography
Languages: Spanish and English
Smoking: No

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