Miss Intercontinental Iran 2018 – Bahareh-Zarebahari

I am Bahareh Zare Bahari. A 21 year old dentistry student with two semesters left to graduating. I was born in Iran.
And i growth there but because of Iran society and to much limited for women i decided to leave Iran and start a new life. When i was a teenager i started martial arts and continues.. Sports always give me positive energy and peace.. first in kung-fu Toa that is Iranian kungfu styles and then after 2 years Japanese Jujitsu. Until i managed to get the black belt of Jujitsu but in the Philippines i interested in boxing and kickboxing and i started learning.as far as i remember i was a belly Dancer.. dance motivated me in all times.. sad or happy when i dance i feeling am flying.. time always been a valuable for me, so I’ve never had a summer without learning art or somethings new, like at the age of 12 i went to hair style class and i was able to get the diploma and work for a year. I went to the sewing class at the 14th or at 16th learn painting and here in Philippines in the summer i spent the signing period and i managed to get my certificate from Apo Academy..i always think maybe is my last year so let’s learn more and be happy more and show loves more..
When i was in Iran i chose Persian literature coz i was very interested to know my country culture better.but here i choices dental medicine course because i though i can helps people better and only two semesters left to graduate. My wish is that my country will reach to freedom and equality. Being a way from family and the culture that i grow up in seth and isn’t easy and make me more strong , learning new language and meeting new people with different cultures has been very valuable to me and opened up new doors of the new world.. i always try to help global peace with been speaking in social media for Persian language’s people.. i believe that Iran is a important center to achieve that so i focus to show to Iranian peoples real life that is life without war , with freedom and peace and love .. i want keep continue to help this world reach to global peace so i think i need to be successful women and i believe this beauty pageant can help me to achieve that and my voice can be lauded to help the people that doesn’t have voice ..
I always attention to the symbols Iranian motto that is Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds because i think all the goodies are summarized.


Name:  Bahareh-Zarebahari
Country: Iran
Age: 21
Measurements: 33,26,34
Height: 1,70 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Model and study in dentistry
Hobbies: Kickboxing, Reading, Cooking, Travelling, Watching political news, Civil and cultural activist
Life-Motto: good thoughts, good words
Special Talent: Dancing
Languages: Persian, Arabic, English
Smoking: No

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