Miss Intercontinental Guatemala 2019-Hilary Castillo

The best you can do in life is to get to know yourself, understand yourself and educate yourself in order to become the best version of you and to accomplish your goals. Since I was a little girl I knew that in order to be happy, I needed to believe in myself and in my own power. Thanks to the background of an industrial engineer father and a nurse mother, having a very young age I discovered that I wanted to be an architect. I fell in love of my own creativity and I understood everything I could do with it, so along with my career of architecture, I decided to get as well a degree on interior design… This has given me the opportunity to work with people from so many different places and so many different backgrounds, and thanks to that I knew that with the knowledge I got from my education and the passion I have in helping others, I could definitely make a difference in someone´s life… And that´s when it all started to become real!!! I participated in the biggest pageant in Guatemala, and I was lucky enough to become Miss Guatemala Intercontinental 2,019… That platform, gave me the opportunity to create my personal project, called “Eco Creative Solutions”, which is a recycling system that helps low resources schools to improve their facilities in order for kids to have a better environment and better classrooms so that they can receive a proper education and can have achieve better results in their growth as future professionals.

My main goal by competing for the Miss Intercontinental title, is to reach as many children as possible in order to improve their education environment, to guide them to fall in love of art in any of its forms and to lead them to understand and love themselves to be the best version of themselves… I am completely aware that this can only be achieved by team work and the support of a powerful entity such as the Miss Intercontinental Organization.

Coming to Egypt is a dream come true… Most of all because I am from Guatemala, the country were one of the biggest civilizations in the world was born, the Mayans. And as an architect, I find the story and the architecture of both civilizations, Egyptian and Mayan, so fascinating…

I can´t wait to finally be able to share my project all over the world and to help all the people I can to understand that the fundamental base of a successful nation, is EDUCATION!!!


Name: Hilary Dhianette Castillo Cumings
Country: Guatemala
Age: 28
Measurements: 90-70-98
Height: 172 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Architect and Interior Designer.
Hobbies: Attend art expositions, museums and ballet.
Life-Motto: A life helping others is a life filled with purpose and happiness.
Special Talent: Oleo and water color painting, clay sculptures.
Languages: Spanish as a native language; English 95%; Portuguese 50%.
Smoking: No

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