Miss Intercontinental China 2018 – Shan Xi

My name is Shan Xi. I come from China and I am a junior student majoring in financial management. I am patient, resolute, with an aggressive personality, welcome self-challenge.

I like making new friends and making desserts as well as doing exercise. Follow the lead of Karie Kloss. I become keen to marathon, because it can teaches me persistence. In a full marathon, about 26 miles, I will encounter many difficulties: thirsty, fatigue, discomfort. I need to focus on the goal with great persistence and willpower.

Besides, it’s always been my passion to do charity. I am a volunteer that often offer my help to senior citizens in a community. There are some poor people without any kids around. I help them clean the rooms and chat with them. Two years ago, I hosted an activity called “Smile Challenge” in Chinese internet .The activity demands participants to post pictures of the challenger’s smile and their own smile online and pass the challenge on. Aiming to arouse the public’s awareness of children suffering from cleft lip and palate, this activity soon gets support from all walks of life.

As Miss China, I sincerely hope the world will always embrace peace and prosperity. I don’t want to see children in hunger and soldiers fighting. I wish that by participating in Miss Intercontinental, l will help more people who need help and make the world more beautiful.


Name: Shan Xi
Country: China
Age: 21
Measurements: 78,63,96
1,80 m
Eye Color:
Profession / Job:
Hobbies: Sing, Piano
All the blessings we enjoy are the fruits of labor, toil, and self-denial, and study.
Special Talent:
Chinese English

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