Miss Intercontinental Chile 2018 – Gresly Munoz

Gresly Isabel Rios Muñoz. has its Chilean, Peruvian, Venezuelan and Cuban roots. The great-grandpatents of this preparation and veterians of purebred horses, so it is very linked to sport, graduated as a Tourism and Hospitality Engineer and finished its basic English course that lasted 4 months

It should be added that she has also worked as a model and actress in both the best hotels in Chile and in the big television networks,

One of its great characteristics is to help other because She also participate in several fashion parades to benefit, for oncological children, homeless children and foster homes for the elderly

The Hobbies she has are dancing, reading and traveling, in order to get to know other cultures, because they have always been interested in millenary cultures

Currently she is developing herself in the best possible way for and throught the contest, since it was always her dream to be a spokesperson for the world and thus be able to contribute to improving the current problems and for her position in conjunction with the organization


Name: Gresly Isabel Rios Muñoz
Country: Chile
Age: 26
Measurements: 88,62,90
Height: 1,69 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Beauty Queen / Analyst
Hobbies: Read, go to the gym, ride horse
Life-Motto: My motivation is to keep happy with what i do day after day and thus feel good about myself, because when i feel good about myself, I can make happy other too.
Special Talent: Act
Languages: Spanish and English
Smoking: No

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