Miss Intercontinental Belarus 2019-Karina Kiseleva

My name is Karina Kiseleva. 22 years old. I was born in Minsk of the capital of Belarus. Since childhood I have been professional dancer more than 14 years. I graduated from Moscow aviation Institute. My specialty is PR and advertising.
I represented my country around 5 international beauty pageants.
My main hobby is volunteering. I was helping at the football championship FIFA world cup 2018 in Russia. And I usually help homeless cats and dogs. Animals have appeared on this planet just as any other living creature, so they should be treated equally. They also have feelings and they can feel the pain just like people. Almost all animal are capable of loving. Irrespective of being a bird or a mammal, when animals are loved by people, they can return this love in many ways. Thus, it is unfair to ignore their importance. The only difference between animals and human beings is that they cannot speak and express their feelings through words. When domesticated and treated properly, animals are of great help to people. There were times when carriages were pulled by horses, sheep herded by dogs. My dream is for every dog and cat to have a home.
I like to study foreign languages. I speak Russian, English, Spanish, Italian . I like traveling and I visited about 30 countries. Travelling is seeing the world and getting new experiences. When you travel you usually go sightseeing, visit local attractions and go to museums and galleries, where you can see the masterpieces of world art, for example. As for me I like watching landscapes of countryside, waterfalls, valleys, I enjoy the view of the oceans, sees and beaches. Second reason to travel is to meet people and experience new cultures. Travelling is also a chance to understand yourself in a better way. You can see the places and think where you want to live and work in future. Our life is beautiful.


Name: Karina Kiseleva
Country: Belarus
Age: 22
Measurements: 85,63,92
Height: 1,77 m
Eye Color: Green
Profession / Job: Public Relations
Hobbies: Dancing
Life-Motto: Never give up and you will see others surrender
Languages: Russian, English,Spanish,Italian
Smoking: No

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