Miss Intercontinental Belarus 2018 – Charnashei Karalina

Hi! I’m Chernoshej Karolina – person who takes everything from life and whose main goal is to bring happiness to others! Six months ago I graduated from the main university of Belarus with a degree in public relations and social communication. My life is directly related to communication. I adore new acquaintances and exchange of experience with different people.
Also an integral part of my life are children. Love spending time with them and getting incredible positive energy from those little angels. I’m leader of charity organization, where we work with children from orphanages. The realization that you bring happiness to other people gives me more strength and a desire to do more good deeds!
But nothing can exist without beauty, the same with my life! I love my modeling work, where I can create and try on different roles every day. And of course my main honor is to represent my lovely country on the international beauty competitions!
It’s a pleasure for me to share knowledge about my beautiful country, our history, a friendly, strong nation, and at the same time to learn more about other cultures of our amazing world.
Because every nation is unique. But there’s one thing… Despite the fact that we live in different parts of the world, have a different culture, speak different languages ​​… We’re all just citizens of one world! Let’s not forget that!;)


Name:  Chernoshej Karolina
Country: Belarus
Age: 21
Measurements: 84, 60, 90
Height: 1,71 m
Eye Color: Blue
Profession / Job: Model, Specialist in Public Relations, Head in charity organization
Hobbies: Modeling, traveling, singing, cooking, dancing, Fitness
Life-Motto: Do your Best. Every Day !
Special Talent: Singing, oratory, acting, dancing
Languages: English ,Russian
Smoking: No

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