Miss Intercontinental Azerbaijan 2019-Sahar Akber

Azerbaijan! Azer – means fire and temple. Land of fire Azerbaijan, I’m very proud of representing my country!
Hello, My name is Sahar Akbar and I’m Miss Intercontinental 2019. When I entered university, my radio, presenter and modelling life has started. My job career on the radio show helped me to speak fluently on the tv show, and my modelling activities allowed me to be quiet in front of the camera.
The area which I work requires to be responsible and very knowledgeable, so I am always looking for novelty and interesting information.
I’m in love with traveling, exploring different histories, cultures and cuisine.
I consider myself to be lucky to have great family, a country where I was born and for my great job.
Azerbaijan! It’s impossible to fall in love with this country!
Located in the South Caucasus, the country admires visitors with its deep history, ancient culture, geographical beauty and modern infrastructure.
My country has passed through the difficult paths of many countries for independence and has given martrys along the way. Even though we are still gloomy, but we continue to grow and go ahead. Azerbaijani People are very patriotic, kind and to be care of. I’m coming to Dehli, the capital of India make a history, to blow like a breeze and magical wind, the warmth it has given to me by my country and for my love which i have given to my country.


Name: Sahar Akbar
Country: Azerbaijan
Age: 26
Height: 1,80 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: TV presenter , actress
Hobbies: Dancing and singing
Life-Motto: beautiful mind makes you see beautiful
Special Talent: cooking
Languages: Azerbaijan, Russian, Turkish
Smoking: No

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