Miss Intercontinental Wales 2018 –

Joey Staerkle

My name is Joey Staerkle, I was born in Switzerland and grew up in Wales. I am fortunate enough to have a diverse family from all over the world including all parts of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Malawi which thanks to I have learnt about many different cultures. I enjoy travelling and emerging in different environments through food and meeting people where I can learn about their beliefs and values. I enjoy learning and I am currently in my penultimate year of my degree in entrepreneurship and business management in England. Within my academic life I am a representative for the management school for my peers and I represented my university at the YE regional final and was nominated for student of the year 2018. I often volunteer to talk to my juniors to encourage and inspire them to see the world with fresh eyes and grasp valuable opportunities. Alongside my studies and volunteering, I enjoy performing (Singing), modelling for various companies or for different campaigns and expressing my creative side. Additionally I take pleasure in cooking, spending time with my family and adrenaline sports such as zip lining, skiing and go-karting. I am thankful and fortunate enough to be representing my country of Wales for the second time internationally. I am ecstatic to be heading to the Philippines and to finally meet so many of you I have got to know, I have even started to learn some phrases in Filipino. Hanggang sa muli.


Name: Joey Staerkle
Country: Wales
Age: 22
Measurements: 35,5 25,5 37
1,74 m
Eye Color:
Profession / Job:
Business and Finance Student / Model
Hobbies:Learning, Travelling, Singing, Skiing, Dancing, Go-karting, trying food from different countries and spending time with the people and animals I love.
Follow your dreams. There will always be others telling you that you can’t do it, that you aren’t good enough. Be your own shining star in the night and forge your own path.
Special Talent:
Fluent in English and German. Basic understanding of Welsh and Dutch.

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