Miss Intercontinental Georgia 2018 – Yuliia Rybchuk

Hello everyone, my name is Yuliia Rybchuk, I’m 21 years old. I love to travel and explore different countries and their cultures. I can not imagine my life without the help of people and mercy. I am a volunteer at the charity fund “Our Future” and together with the team we helping to peple fight the terrible AIDS disease.
My passion – it’s sports, reading , speaking with interesting people and studying and try resolve the problems of the living environment. When i was have free time I write poem, work model and just enjoy my life. I want to bring more positive and kind in this world.


Name:  Yuliia Rybchuk
Country: Georgia
Age: 21
Height: 1,76 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: model, TV host
Hobbies: traveling, reading books, studying cultures of different countries
Life-Motto: Audaces fortuna juvat
Special Talent: I graduated from the dance school, the school of television journalism and professionally engaged in athletics 3 years
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Smoking: No

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