Miss Intercontinental Canada 2017 – Mattea Henderson

Mattea is completing an undergraduate degree in Marketing and International Business. Having sustained a skull fracture at birth, Mattea knows that passion and confidence can overcome challenges to succeed. Mattea believes that all interactions with others are an opportunity to create a positive result.
The importance of gratitude and community have been the foundation of her life. Mattea understands that those around you can build you up, support one another, and influence positive change. Gratitude is practiced daily by Mattea, you cannot receive without giving and you cannot give without receiving. It is a balance in her life that has allowed her to be a dedicated academic, an avid volunteer and ambassador and be an active member of multiple communities.
Mattea will continue to work within her community, volunteer, pursue her business aspirations and will help to break that glass ceiling in the business world for women.



Name: Mattea Henderson
Country: Canada
Age: 23
Measurements: (cm) 83.8-65-90
Height: (cm) 171
Eye Color: hazel
Profession / Job: University Student
Hobbies: Hiking, Running, Reading, Cooking, Drawing/Painting, Public Speaking, Volunteering, Travel
Life-Motto: You are not a product of your circumstance, you are a product of your choosing
Special Talent: Soccer, Painting/Drawing, Public Speaking, Baking
Languages: English, basic French
Smoking: No

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