Miss Intercontinental Peru- Giuliana Valenzuela

My name is Giuliana Valenzuela. I’m from Arequipa and i moved to Lima 4 years ago to study management and international business. I love to travel and i’ve been in almost all the continents enjoying different cultures and diversities. My country is wonderfull, we have coast, mountains and jungle (Machu Pichu is a sample of beauty and culture).

 Peru has one of the best gastronomy in the world so i’m completely a foodie girl; i like sports (soccer, basket, etc) perhaps i only practice equitation, but i go to the gym everyday (even if the day before i party or it’s raining or it’s too late), that helps me with discipline. I’m an activist, i always go to marchs and post about what’s happening in my country right now (corruption, femicide, and more); also, i do social work, since i was little my mom always shows me empaty, she’s part of different organitations (league of fight against cancer, president of the ladies of the college of engineers, and more) so i always helped her with nursing homes, orphanages and more activities.

I’m an influencer but i don’t wanna be that type that only post about her hair, her vacation or funny videos of her day… i think that if u have a plataform with that big quantity of followers you have an important voice, many people around the world can read every post you made, you can give an opinion and even support others, create awareness… you can’t imagine how many messages of people saying they weren’t inform of something and wanted to know more i recieved.

For that, representing my country in this contest not only make me proud and make me wanna do an effort for winning, this is an importart way of been listen around the world, of raise your voice and use the power of beauty for good.


Name: Giuliana Valenzuela
Country: Peru
Age: 21
Measurements: 95-57-97
Height: 1,80 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Management and international business
Hobbies: Foodie, travel, dance, sing, politique, activist, social work
Life-Motto:Live, laugh, be happy! You shouldn’t shine by turning off others lights. Stand on your own and don’t fall into all the propaganda.
Special Talent: Performance / actrice
Languages: Spanish, English, French
Smoking: No

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