For the first time the MIO will give the POWER OF BEAUTY Award and what makes it so excited, the one elected has a direct spot into the Final together with the continental title award winners. This means by now that each of the TOP 6 Finalists will have the chance to become the new Miss Intercontinental.
What makes you becoming the POWER OF BEAUTY Award title holder and makes you to qualify to the Final directly? You are well aware, speak at least 2 languages fluent. You have an own business or started a Start up company already. You are not older than 27 years and no younger than 18. You have never before entered any other international contest and the Miss Intercontinental is your first international pageant you enter. The decision will be made by our Host (1 person of the executive level) and by MIO (1 person of the executive level) as well by the reigning Miss Intercontinental. Those 3 will review the biographies of each contestant and decide after the personal interview who will receive the POWER OF BEAUTY Award.