Miss Intercontinental UAE 2022 – Azarel Hevia


Name: Azarel Hevia
Country: UAE
Age: 26
Measurements: 84/62/94
Height: 1,66 m
Eye Color: Green
Profession / Job: Property Investment Specialist, model
Hobbies: Boxing, swimming, travelling, cooking, adrenaline activities, styling
Life-Motto: Give more than you take, always be generous
Special Talent: Building Conexions
Languages: Spanish, English
Smoking: No

Every little girl wished to be a Princess and a Queen. We remember the story of Cinderella singing: “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” where in the end she saw herself became a Princess. Growing up with a very simple life where material possessions are not overvalued. Where pleasure and convenience are not emphasized and where a person’s values and character are the main focus of a meaningful life. She was instead grateful for what she had. Where she grow up getting everything she wants, developed a sense of entitlement. She dreamed to become a model, where she was discovered when she and her friend audition. Her confidence, creativity and endless imagination developed with her work.Being in an industry which is all about perfection, fantasy and aesthetics can really affect self-confidence. She believes that we are all worthy of representation, and beauty is never one-dimensional. She applied for the position of a Flight Attendant and saw herself travelling around the world after she left Spain. She moved out Dubai after Emirates Airline hired her. “Professionally, Dubai is the best country for her, talking only on a professional basis. It’s now my country, it’s people appreciate me.” Aza was so very comfortable in discussing the pause in her career during the Pandemic, and it taught us that a taking break from our career path doesn’t mean that it has ended.” She spoke about living life in a way where you can make adjustments rather than sacrifices. As an avid health concious person, she believed that “This isn’t just about the pandemic. Your health is directly related to lifestyle — nutrition, physical activity, a healthy weight and restorative sleep.” Despite all that has gone on, there have been some positives to the world coming to a stop. It’s forced us to take a step back, think, understand and appreciate what it means to live and not just survive. And that’s something I’m going to try to hold onto for a long time to come. As a representative of UAE, I celebrate the power of the Arab woman and foster sisterhood in every nation. I am driven by the potential and capacity of the empowered women around the world, she is a leader, she is ambitious and she is very savvy, ready to take on responsibilities and focused on changing the world around her.

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