Miss Intercontinental Georgia 2022 – Tiko Svanidze


Name: Tiko Svanidze
Country: Georgia
Age: 25
Measurements: 92/65/95
Height: 1,76 m
Eye Color: brown
Profession / Job: journalist, Future fashion designer
Hobbies: Drawing, writing
Life-Motto: To create something very important, to get the most out of life
Special Talent: Not particularly, but I think writing is my favorite activity
Languages: Georgian
Smoking: No

Hello world, I am Tiko Svanidze from Georgia. A person whose purpose in life is to create something very important, to be helpful to people in any situation and to get the most out of life. My most important qualities are hard work, determination, independence, patience, strength to deal with life’s obstacles… I am a very active person, the most important thing for me is time and to use it correctly. So I try to use it as productively as possible for my life and personal development. I am independent and self-motivated, I have been working, studying and living alone since I was an adult. I am trying to find my way in life alone and achieve everything with my own strength…. My biggest dream is to travel. I have never been abroad. But I want to see the world, create lots of memories and adventures, experience life to the fullest. I am a dreamer, a romantic. Since childhood, I loved to write and put my feelings, emotions and dreams on paper. This is my favorite activity and hobby. I am a journalist by profession because of the love of writing, I want to do my favorite job in the future. I also learn fashion modeling and design. My favorite thing is clothes, I love shopping and creating looks. I’m always helping people around me to find their style and help them with shopping, which gives me so much pleasure. I plan to create my own brand in the future, but I know to study and work hard for this. And now about modeling, my first interest came at the age of 5, when I first saw a fashion show on TV. From that day it became my biggest dream, although I never took a step because of my low self-esteem, but at the age of 24 I decided to take action for the first time and fight for my dream. My first step brought me success and now I am here among the most beautiful, special girls in the world and this is the biggest achievement of my life. I am proud of myself and that I was able to make my dream come true. I want to be an example to other girls who have low self-esteem and think that it is impossible to achieve their dreams. I thought the same too and I was wrong because dreams really do happen – one day you may wake up in your dream life and and you will realize that this is reality. Life is wonderful and gives us thousands of chances, the main thing is to see it from the right side and use it correctly. I am a person who was born for a specific purpose. Since childhood, the question of why I was born and what I should do in life bothered me. I think my mission is to help people and help them cope with life, find themselves and their strength. I am happy when people have hope in me, when they know that they can talk to me, make them feel comfortable around me and to know that I will help them. I hope I fulfill my function for the people around me. I am a woman who deal with life alone, independently fights many difficulties and pains, despite this she never gives up and takes a step forward towards dreams, goals and a better life, and for this she gives strength to the hope that tomorrow will be better. And now I’m taking another step towards success.

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