Miss Intercontinental Bulgaria 2018 – Gabriela Velikova

Dear fans of Miss Intercontinental
I am Gabriela Velikova.I will represent Bulgaria on Miss Intercontinental 2019.I am 21 years old.I graduated highscool specialist Economics and management.Right now i am studying Logistics.Wonderful city by the sea.My country is full of nature.We have a Black sea, mountains, waterfalls and a lot of ancient sightsees since 681 year after Jesus Christ. I love to travel and explore other coultures. My top 3 Hobbies are Singing ,Photography ,Travel.

My cause is called “Autism Today” .I take part in foundation with the same name.We organise activities for children and adults suffering from autism. We make charity concerts ,art events ,cultural events to colect money in help of these people.I decided to start being part of it and choose my couse because of my little brother.He is also autist fist type.

I want to tell you one really interesting fact about the most important invention nowadays: I am so proud to say that the nationality of the creator of computer is Bulgarian.His name is John Atanasov.He is bulgarian but living in America when he made this spectacular machine.
I like to sing.I work on my individual musical project too.My model career started when i won the title of my city Miss Ruse,after that i won my next title Global Charity Queen Bulgaria and i represented my country in Taiwan.It was such an amazing experience there .And i fell inlove with Asia.Now I am proud to own the title as Miss Intercontinental Bulgaria and i am so happy for being able to represent my country in Philippines .I work in my country and abroad as photomodel. Being a model could entertains me a lot.It gives me the opportunity to travel around the world which is a dream that came true and teach me how to be more confident.It builds me as a person and helps me to improve my skills in different aspects. I feel more ambitious about my work too.Modeling and being logistic manager and singer at the same time is not easy but i love it. This is my passion.I love my profession too i study hard logistics and i go to interpreneur course.I want to give everything i can to the World and i expect the same from the Universe.
Cant wait to see you guys in Philippines
Yours faithfully Gabriela Velikova
Greatings from Bulgaria


Name:Gabriela Velikova
Country: Bulgaria
Age: 21
Measurements: 85,63,90
Height: 1,70 m
Eye Color: Hazel
Profession / Job: Logistic manager
Hobbies: traveling,sightsee,singing,studying,zumba, photography
Life-Motto: Only you can determine your own limits
Special Talent: singing,dancing
Languages: English
Smoking: No

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