Miss Intercontinental Bahamas 2018 – Shauntae Ashleigh Miller

I am Shauntae Ashleigh Miller, a 25 year old grad student with only a semester left before obtaining a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling Mental Health.

Rooted in identity and empowerment, I decided to compete in pageants because it is synonymous with globalization and evolution that promotes a bold, unique and unapologetically in control woman. A woman like me!

From a young age I decided to take control of my life, my future and my destiny. Go after what I want and do things in a way that helps me to be able to help others. In keeping with that, and coming from an athletic family, I started an athletics club which promotes health, fitness and friendly competition for kids from the ages of 5 to 10 years old. Teaching them the importance of sacrifice, focus and determination, being well rounded student athletes and positive and productive young people of society.

As a young woman of the world, I have taken on the task of competing for the title of Miss Intercontinental 2018. It is with the greatest pleasure and gratitude that I am able to go after this dream with the support of my family and country … to represent my beautiful 700 islands and cays of sun, sand, beaches and amazing people. To wear my country’s name across my chest, be an example of what a positive and successful young Bahamian woman is like and to say with pride … BAHAMAS!


Where every smile shines like it’s kissed by the sun and worries are washed away onto the sands of our beautiful beaches, I am 25 year old Shauntae Miller – Miss Bahamas! Salamat Po!


Name: Shauntae Miller
Country: Bahamas
Age: 25
Measurements: 88-67-92
Height: 1,82 m
Eye Color: Brown
Profession / Job: Student, Athlete, Model
Hobbies: Singing, Running, Spending time with family
Life-Motto: Whatever you do, do it ALL for the Glory of God.
Special Talent: Singing
Languages: English
Smoking: No

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