Fittness and Dance with Miss Intercontinental Argentina 2018 – Celina Villalobos

Hello! I’m Celina Villalobos, Miss Intercontinental Argentina, and I’m going to tell you how my exercise routine is.
I do physical activity 4 times a week, since I think that you do not have to demand so much from the body and the muscles must also rest. So that the body does not get used to the same routine always, every week I do a series of different exercises, on the other hand, I also do Zumba Fitness and there is where I spend more energy since I love to dance and even though the choreography is very simple , they are quite exhausting, I assure you that for each Zumba class lose approximately 1000 calories, if you do not believe me, check it yourself, I think it is the best way to exercise because you have fun and if you make mistakes, you laught and continue, is a mime to the soul to exercise, because you feel better with yourself every time you do it.
I now leave in my video the choreography of “Sin querer queriendo” by Lali Esposito, an Argentine singer, the most observers will notice that I am wrong several times, but I laugh and I continue that is the grace of exercising. For this reason, I recommend that you look for the most comfortable place in your houses, try to do the choreography, have a lot of fun, I assure you.

Greetings to all from Argentina